Build plate not showing

2020-10-5 1712

Hello! Since the last update I can't see the build plate or any model on it.
I tried going back to older versions but still face the same problem. 

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • cbd 2020-10-5
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    Re-add machine
  • 2020-10-5
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    Tried that, didn't work.
  • Guest 2020-10-7
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    I have same issue.
  • Guest 2020-10-7
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    I found that looking under the Help Section under settings and choosing Factory Setting option fixed the issue.
  • cbd 2020-10-9
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    Tried that, didn't work.

  • Guest 2020-10-12
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    Same issue here. Nothing works
  • cbd 2020-10-12
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    Enter the log path and delete all files in the log path (close chitubox first when deleting)
  • cbd 2020-10-12
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    Usually clicking the home button in the upper right corner is effective