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2020-10-5 520

I have a dual monitor setup, with an ultrawide 3840x1200 and an UHD big screen 3840x2160 (main), and Chitubox is useless in either one. It opens on my main monitor with UI scaled up so much that a blind person could read it. Looks like a game for toddlers.

Moving it from my UHD to my ultrawide cuts off most of the settings on the right.

I have to switch main displayes to make it work correctly. Stangely enough it still opens in my UHD even when that is no longer the main monitor*

But at least I can now move it to my uw and it looks as it should

But having to change the main monitor every time, just so i can run this program correctly is not something i want to do. 
Maybe add some UI scaling option in the settings?

*Another strange behavoir is the spalsh screen and where the program opens.
At default, with my UHD as main monitor, the splash screen appears (scaled up) on my ultrawide (secondary monitor), but the propgram opens on the main monitor (UHD). When I switch main monitors in the display settings to make the UI scale work correctly, the spalsh screen (now at correct size) still opens on the secondary screen (now the UHD), but the program does not open in the main (now the ultrawide) as you would suspect, but still opens on the UHD (which is now the secondary). 

BTW, in the config file, this is being saved:



changing it does not save it, instead at restart, the app just resets to this weird resolution.

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  • WingedYeti 2020-11-3
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    I am having issues with the Resolution of the UI as well. But I have 2x 4k monitors and doing the "Properties>Compatibility>Change high DPI settings" isn't working for me. 
  • 2020-11-3
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    Same thing happening. Cannot seem to get models to show up on screen.
  • 10 Months+
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    This is almost unusable in 55" 4k screen... all (fonts, icons, UI in general) is scaled too large, really hard to use.. please fix this bug!!!
  • 8 Months+
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    This is really annoying and almost renders the software useless.
  • cbd 8 Months+
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    Sorry for the inconvenience, we will test it.