Can't install - Developer isn't trusted

MeezerMama 2020-10-18 3884

Trying to install newest version 1.7.0 on my Mac.  It says it can't verify the developer or that the application is free of Malware.  It won't let me install.   I am *not* running any auxiliary security programs - this is coming directly from the Mac itself.   Suggestions?

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  • cbd 2020-10-19
    Quote 2Floor,latter%20might%20not%20be%20safe
  • Guest 2020-10-26
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    MacOS will keep this warning until ChituBox is digitally signed by the developer, which is a very easy part of the build process. . I've done it before - it

    Note that digital signing apps does _not_ mean that the app is distributed through the Mac App Store. Many apps that are direct downloads from developers are digitally signed.
  • cbd 2020-10-27
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    We'll do Mac certification.
  • Guest 2020-11-6
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    same problem, I see what you have said but I'm struggling to work it out
  • Guest 2020-11-6
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    When will you solve this issue? we can't use our printer! 
  • Guest 2020-12-8
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    I'm having the same issue. I downloaded, but can't install it on my Mac. Please help. Thank you
  • cbd 2020-12-8
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    Guest I'm having the same issue. I downloaded, but can't install it on my Mac. Please help. Thank you,latter%20might%20not%20be%20safe
  • Leto Atreides 2020-12-8
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    MacOS has grown increasingly naggy and restrictive with each version.  You can still easily get around this but it's not straight forward anymore.  Open "Security & Privacy" and on the General tab if you have tried to recently open an unsigned app, it should have a button towards the bottom that lets you "Open Anyway".  You should only have to do this once per application; but you will find yourself doing it quite often if you use applications outside of the limited app store.
  • cbd 2020-12-17
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    The new version will do mac authentication
  • 2020-12-22
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    I ran into this problem also under macOS Catalina.  Here's the trick:
    *  install as normal into your Applications folder
    *  go to the Applications folder, and Control-Click on  (hold down the control button while clicking).  And then choose Open.  It should open.  If not, try a second time.  And you won't have to go through this step again as it will open normally thereafter.

    This is the workaround for when macOS complains that a developer is not verified, and would otherwise stop you from opening it.
  • Guest 2020-12-27
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    This is no trick, nor is it a workaround.

    Every macOs application which is not signed or build by a not recognized developers CAN NOT be startet by a double click.
    This is a safety precaution to prevent the start of every "untrusted" programs.

    To start such a program you must right click on it and choose "open" in the context menue. Done right the program will start - and you'll never have to do this again. 
    For macOs this means this application is from now on "save" to execute.

    Please, learn how your operating system works - this is basic knowledge!
  • 2021-1-23
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    I ran into this problem also under macOS Catalina. Here's the trick: * install as normal into you ...
    You, my friend. You have helped me with this issue. Thank you. 
  • Guest 2021-2-5
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    Leto Atreides MacOS has grown increasingly naggy and restrictive with each version. You can still easily get arou ...
    * MacOS has grown increasingly naggy and restrictive with each version.  You can still easily get around this but it's not straight forward anymore.  Open "Security & Privacy" and on the General tab if you have tried to recently open an unsigned app, it should have a button towards the bottom that lets you "Open Anyway".  You should only have to do this once per application; but you will find yourself doing it quite often if you use applications outside of the limited app store. *

  • 2021-3-7
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    Guest * MacOS has grown increasingly naggy and restrictive with each version. You can still easily get ar ...
    its worked for me thank u
  • 2021-7-1
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    The fact that Chitubox hasn't met Apple's requirements for trustworthiness speaks volumes. Fortunately, lots of excellent alternatives exist, most of them free, like PrusaSlicer (Prusa), Z-SUITE (Zortrax), B9Creator, and Lychee Slicer. Why would you even consider taking a chance on whatever garbage or spyware Chitubox may be hiding in this app?  This is really simple. If Apple doesn't trust this app, neither should you (and neither will I). 
  • 10 Months+
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    I had the same problem on iOS. Don't trust alternative apps much....maybe have to switch on Android? Every time I wanna install the app, there's an error without any reasoning. I've tried to download it from different places, even through my PC, but it seems like an internal iOS problem. It's very weird because I've been using plenty of apps on this system that works perfectly. For example, I've recently downloaded the no-code desktop app builder to make simple software for my further project. I'm just a newbie in developing but thanks to this app I was able to train without knowing codes.

  • 1 Months+
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