problem slicing model

makim 2019-1-14 3699

im trying to desing a model of a tower  to be able to print without support, but every time i slice it half of pilars missing,it makes model to fail durring print, to make them solid i need to turn model at least 15 degrees to the side but then i need to use support. One time model was sliced corectly  right side up, but never after it. This is unacceptable, can you help? Spark Studio software works fine!!!

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  • Francesco 2019-1-15
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    it happened to me before and found out that not all my geometry was correctly aligned on ground. I re positioned in my 3D app and all was fine
  • makim 2019-1-15
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    what do you mean not aligned? wrong angle? not touching bottom????
  • makim 2019-1-15
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    i rebuild model several times to see if im doing something wrong but no luck
  • Francesco 2019-1-15
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    Yep, mine had the bottom vertex not on the same 'horizon' and gave me issues, I had to level everything before printing
  • makim 2019-1-16
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    Francesco Yep, mine had the bottom vertex not on the same 'horizon' and gave me issues, I had to level everyth ...
    bottom vertex not on the same horizon? what are you talking about?
  • makim 2019-1-16
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    this towers appearing and disappearing
  • Francesco 2019-1-17
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    I had geometry goig under the an example directly in chitubox.

    I cannot upload a pic, don't know why, here is a link/

  • Guest 2019-2-12
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    Hello, unfortunately it is not possible for me to open a new thread. 
    I realized with great horror that models I prepared with Chitubox 64 for printing on an Anycubic Photon are reversed or mirror-inverted. The same model prepared with the Photon Slicer is printed correctly. Please let me know which failure I have done?
  • Guest 2020-2-18
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    I can't open a new thread either, but I can't get Chitubox to slice. When I click on the slice button, it waits about 15 seconds and shuts down. Any help?