Chitubox locks windows into a loop

Guest 2020-10-27 382

Everytime i install it on my PC it locks up in a loop and i cant open anyhing. screen just flickers every second and blue circle spins next to cursor

works just in safe mode. not really ideal.

Any help????

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  • HERBERT HAINES 2020-11-6
    Quote 2Floor
    same here! intel i3, 4gb intel hd 3000 graphics
  • Guest 2020-11-24
    Quote 3Floor
    I will install the program and it runs fine for a bit then at some point it causes the desktop to flicker. Usually when I start working on supports. It affects typing and mouse functions but other than that the program itself seams unaffected.
    I've checked the event log and I'm getting Event ID 1002 repeatedly (about every two seconds.)
    I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I'm researching what might be causing this and I've found other programs that cause the same problem.
    I'll keep trying to track it down but any help that anyone can offer is appreciated.