Issues resizing a mesh

Adrian Neville 2019-1-14 1996

I've been using ChiTuBox 1.2.0 for a few days now, and despite a few crashes during the hollowing process, I'm enjoying it a lot. One issue I've had though is that sometimes when I resize a mesh, it will revert back to its original size without warning.

For example, I changed the size of a mesh to 110%, then hollowed and added supports. It then showed it to be at 100% size, which I figured was a result of adding the supports, or that the type-in values were relative to its current size, rather than its original size. The model printed, and my next print was a piece that would connect to the first one. It properly printed at 110% size, and only then did I find out that the first one had actually reverted to its original size.

So there may be some function along that way that caused the model to revert its scale. Until this gets addressed, I'd recommend that users double-check their scales (especially when its a small rescale, such as a 10% difference), or to resize in another program and re-save the scaled stl.

Aside from that, I'm extremely happy with this slicer - it's the best I've used to date.

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  • 2020-4-16
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    I am having the exact same issue and can not find an answer for this. Apparently support are ignoring these forum issues too as there are no responses to your question!!!
  • cbd 2020-4-16
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    I am having the exact same issue and can not find an answer for this. Apparently support are ignorin ...
    Hello, can you send the video to
  • cbd 2020-9-9
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     When you change it and perform other operations, its ratio will become 100, but please note that its size is actually the size you changed, but the ratio has changed , The size has not changed.
    For example, if your z-axis is 20, and then you change it to 10, its ratio is 50 at this time. When you add support or cutouts, etc., when you go back to zoom again, the size is still 10, but the ratio has changed. 100.