nova3d bene 4 mono

2020-11-8 2540

hello would like to use the nova3d bene 4 mono with chitubox the printer is not supported in the list can you adapt it to the printer?

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  • cbd 2020-11-10
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    We really hope to add this machine, but we need their approval.
  • 2020-11-11
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    approval of the manufacturer or how? you can contact nova3d and ask who it is
  • cbd 2020-11-20
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    approval of the manufacturer or how? you can contact nova3d and ask who it is
    YES, we are also talking to them, you need time and it's not always possible to succeed. But you can use the plugin:
  • ZhenyaKa 2020-12-4
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    Elfin plugin doesn't correctly works at Bene4 Mono. It's resizes models 3times by X axis :(
    Please give us solution. Harwdare is ok, but slicer is very poor :(
  • cbd 2020-12-7
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    ZhenyaKa Elfin plugin doesn't correctly works at Bene4 Mono. It's resizes models 3times by X axis :( Please ...
    Set x-axis resolution/3
  • ZhenyaKa 2020-12-19
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    It is bad solution. It reduce resolution 3 times by short side!!!

    Need to store mono pixels like in pic