Extra 3D layers disappearing method!

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How about inserting into ChituBoz  3D XYZ smoothing, calculating volume of pixel and makig Gray up and Gray down lelels (as it made for XY in chitu ) ? 

I have tested it, but i m not a programmer to make convenient interface like in Chitu!

Please help to realize it!

See details there:


The TEST for determining XY and Z thresholds separately (for resin and print conditions) : Each pyramid was sliced with its own thresholds (see X Y axle ) and all - with 3D volume calculation

XY low threshold(gray level in chitu menu) =30, XY high  threshold=100(always)

Z low threshold = 43,  Zhigh  threshold=71 (upper caps of slightly sloped roofs of pyramids)

Sample slide for volume calculation and both  threshold corrections:

Results of real print (horizontal): Case1- native. Case2-3D pixel volume  Case 3 - 3D pixel volume with both thresholds from test!

XY threshold option at Chitu: (want 2  other for Z )

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