Complete unistall

2020-11-29 1374


i need to complete unsistall chitubox and i mean EVERYTHING. When i unstall and reinstall is still have the settings. I need to remove those as well.

Reason: I need to go back to an old version, with the new one i constantly get missprints and NO! its not because of teh printer. Its the slicer!

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  • cbd 2020-12-2
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    As their configuration files are public, you can delete the configuration file in the log path and reopen it to use it!
  • 2022-1-2
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    Where are the configuration files stored on the osx filesystem please?
  • Cliff Knight 2022-1-2
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    From Chitubox, open "File|Help|Open  Log Path"

    On LInux it's"/home/[user]/.config/ChiTuBox--delete everything in that folder to start over squeaky clean...