Chitubox saving file wrong?

Guest 2020-11-30 5257

I need help, I just got an elegoo mars pro 2 and it is printing the test model fine. However, when I save chitubox sliced files they are saving as ctb.tmp which is reading as an unknown file by my elegoo. I cannot see to change file format in chitubox. Does anyone know what I should do?

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  • 2020-12-1
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    have the same Slicer Version 1.7.0 and an elegoo mars pro 2 and have calibrate the printer in x,y and also Z with the gcode-method to have correct prints.
    Your problem can not understand looks like it is writing the file - so you have the tmp but it is not ending to write the file? tmp means the file is not finish with writing!
    Write it on your desktop and wait it is finsihed and the write it to the usb or whatever..
  • cbd 2020-12-2
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    Is CHITUBOX prompted for [write success]?