Chitubox Slicer Height

2020-12-7 403


i use Chitubox 1.7.0 and can somebody check in a few second of their Chitubox 1.7.0 if the slice-heights are correct?

I mean there is a Example-File on Chitubox like the testcube 20x20x20.stl - can you slice it with a layer-height of 0,05mm and then show in the preview the layer-heights??

I have only second layer 0,074 and third layer 0,147 not 0,05mm steps  i exspected 0.05mm then 0,100mm and then 0,150mm.

See attached picture.

Please give me feedback if you have the same issue?

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  • 2020-12-7
    Quote 2Floor

    have found the problem - if you have a Monitor with onyl Full-HD means 1920x1080px then i have on Layer 3 on the Slice-Preview only 0,147mm instead of 0,150mm.
    Is a GUI-Problem.
    If i make the window smaller then i have on Layer 3 only 0,110mm - so it looks like they scale the slice-previews  with the resolution of the monitor.

    Hope is always 0,05mm and only the GUI show me wrong slice-heights..