Cant scale the window in window modus

Guest 2020-12-15 652

Hey Guys, finally i use a 43" 4k display which i had to split i 4 virtual displays. now its first time i open chitubox and wanna put it in 1 of my 4 workplaces. but the problem is the fullscreenmodus is logically about the whole display and its way to big. but when i go to the window modus i cant scale the window. chitubox has a unscaleable size which is a little to big to work comfortable. 

maybe u can edit it in next updates. 

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  • cbd 2020-12-22
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    We will test
  • Måns Collner 2022-1-25
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    Been using a 4K 43" since 2017 and it is as you say, near unusable when chitu can scale to normal size. Can it not just use windows scale and button scheme? Please adjust :)