Chitubox doesn't work for Epax E10

Guest 2020-12-20 1187

I'm unable to save the correct file type for Epax E10. I'm using Chittubox 1.7 . Windows 1064 bit. After slicing file the only file types avalable are: Chitubox Slicer (*cbddlp) and  Chitubox Slicer (*ctb)   Both are not reconized file type for the Epax E10 printer. I also look on the menu bar to save file and the save as file. I uninstalled chitubox and re-installed chitubox 3 times. Same problem. Unable to use my printer. Please help.

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  • cbd 2020-12-22
    Quote 2Floor
    The format of the machine should be cbddlp.
    What information does the printer prompt?