How does Island delete in 1.8.0 works

2021-1-4 2876

Can someone explane me, how the island detection and delete island layer works?
After i sliced a model i saved the slice and checkt it with photon file validator. it found 59 islands.

Now i sliced the file again, klick on island detection and Chitubox found 59 Island. O.k. same as phton file validator.

Now i klicked on delete all island layers and Chitubox sayes 0 island layer. Now i klicked on save and checked the new file again with photon file validator. But Photon filie validator found the same 59 islands as in the first file.

So, where is my mistake? Whats wrong in my workflow?



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  • cbd 2021-1-6
    Quote 2Floor
    Usually it is a single pixel, you can solve it by deleting the current layer, but it is a dangling point, you need to add support.
  • 2021-1-7
    Quote 3Floor
    So from this what i get is that when you delete the layer you are in many cases just going to move the issue up to the next layer, the island detections is only showing the first layer the island appers. some single point island are caused by something like a support of to one side and not catching the very point of a feature in which case removing the layer can help. but in most cases a island will mean a support needs to be added.