Island auto detect needs improvment

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While the island detections is a great addition its not all that usefull as you cant "fix" the islands with out going back to the support interface and this means you lose the infomatio about where they islands are. 

IT would be better to have a " preview" in the support interface that does a slide and island detection. and then allows you to scroll though the layers with the isalnds highlighted like they are in the slicer interface. so you can add in new supports as need and keep previewing it untill you are happy. 

I know the preview would take a while with the slice and detection but it would be more useful than just being able to see there are X number of islands. 

Or simple have it so after doing the island checking, if you click back to go to the support interface it retains where the islands are so you can scroll though them and fix. 

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    I agree.  It's almost useless the way it is.  Currently, if it shows I have islands that will be almost impossible for me to "eye-ball" when I go back to the supports pane I just give up and use Lychee which handles this better.  I don't like Lychee for other reasons, but I'll use if it I have to for fixing island issues.