Prints getting cut off and just missing parts?

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So I just got the Elegoo Mars 2, this is my first time using and ordering a resin printer, I set it up and did the test print which looks perfect, but I put in another file of a car just to see the amount of detail it can get, and so far have had not one successful print, the first one was small and it missed all 4 wheels which are all on the same layer, second one I made bigger and it printed amazing but it missed 1/4 wheels which again are on the same layer, and just printed another and didn't change the file at all to see if it was a file issue but now it missed the same wheel it missed the first time and stopped printing and just cut off the top, if anyone can maybe explain what this issue might be it would be much appreciated, thank you in advance

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    Can you take a screenshot of your file with the support?
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    I figured it out, thank you for helping, If anyone possibly is as new as I am if the print is very detailed and has a lot of floating parts I increased my exposure times