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Guest 2021-1-16 854

Hey there, for some reason the grid is no longer showing up, even when I start a new project. Also, nothing is showing when I drag and drop my files into chitubox. Attached is a picture of what I'm currently looking at, any feedback would be GREAT! Thanks!

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  • cbd 2021-1-18
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  • cbd 2021-1-18
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    If clicking home does not solve the problem, enter the log path, delete global.cfg or delete all the files in the log path.
  • james bryant 2023-2-17
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    I know this is an old post but I just bought a Mars 2 Pro and none of the above solutions nor installing older versions worked. Still no drag and drop and, unfortunately, that makes Chitubox useless. It's really a shame because it printed excellent test prints. I really wish that I could use the native software bundled with my printer. Thankfully, Lychee was easy to use and worked great or I would have a dud printer.