Auto Pause at specifice layer

2021-1-20 594

Recently i was running a structural print and because i did not care about colour as it got low I simply added the last bits from  a number of bottles of resin i have as I know that as long as the resin type is the same its OK to mix (assuming exposer is simular I know mixing clear and non clear resins can be an issue) 

But it got me thinking, I have a few tanks for my printer filled and it would be a nice feature if you could tell the printer to pause at a set layer. then rasie up the build plate, let the model drain for a few miniutes, swap out the resin tank and complete the print with a new colour / type of resin. 

Idealy with in the slicer you would be able to set the resin type / adjust exposure times as well, the print quility remains consistent. has any one done much with using mutiply resins? 

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  • Wolfgang Mauer 2021-2-17
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    Like this too
  • 2021-3-11
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    HEre is a perfect use for this Colour Lithopanes, In general Lithopanes are great for printing out on 3d printers, but colour would be amazing, 

    a layer of white

    followed by layers of clear colours

    followed by the Lithopane.

    and all it needs is to be able to pause between layers and retract the bed so you can swap out the vat.

  • Guest 1 Months+
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    Yes please this is very much needed to refill empty vats