Dynamic lift rate and height

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When I'm printing something with a lot of FEP contact points it is good practice to reduce the lift speed and increase the lift height, so that there is less of a chance of pulling off the build plate or supports.

However this increases the time it takes to print, and when printing a very dynamic piece it is silly to use these settings consistantly throughout the entire print.

For example I just printed an army of 32 Kobolds on a plate. 8 of which were spear carriers. The last 300 layers of the print were 8 0.75mm thick spears. Since I had to reduce my lift speed and increase lift height for the more dense part of the print, these last layers were unnecessarily slow.

Similar isues are had with large hollowed parts.

My request is for an option that allows the Lift Speed and Height (except for the  base) to dynamically adjust on a per-layer basis based on % of contact with the FEP. The user can then specify Min/Max thresholds if they choose.

I think this would have a very positive impact on overall print speed.

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    Thank you for your valuable suggestions, which have been fed back to the r&d team.
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    Excellent suggestion.
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    I think more contol over layers in general would be nice. As well as automated i would like to be able to Manualy control this, so put in taht from layes X to Y use specifice settings. I would also like to be able to "pause" as a specifice layer. 

    I often want to put items inside a model such as magnets, it would be nice to be able to print a pocket and stop in the exact last layer, rasie the bed put hte magnets in and continue the print so it is sealed inside. It would also be nice to be able to change colours. I have a few resin vats. It would be great to be able to stop at a specifice latyer,rasie the bed, swap out the vat and carry on. 

    Mixing  different colour resins of the same type (vendor ) is ok as long as its just a pigment change and  for transparent resins this creates quite nice effects (doing it manualy) 

    So as well as dunamic ajustment can we also have manual ajustment. 

    Print layers 0 - 574 at these settings
    Print layers 575 - 1025 at dynamic lift speed, 
    Pause rasie bed 120mm
    print layers 1026 - 1382 at these setting... 

    IE please can we have what the filiment printers slicers have, have layer by layer control of settings. 

    I would suggest to start with simple letting us scroll to a layer in the model and "add" a print settings to be used form this layer onwards and / or "Pause". We could then manualy do as the poster suggest changing speed for different areas of the model, and then as and when a good dynamic algrothem is created it couldjust plug in to use this. 

    Two birds one stone as they say.