Lot of problems

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Hello, i bought a 3D printer that only work with chitubox, reading CTB files, no else (like ctddlp i could create with version 1.3)

Now the state of the play:

Version 1.6.1 (inclued with the printer): work properly, but i cant see object, just shadow. Followint instruction i updated graphic card to last version, no changes.

Version 1.7 (stable version): After i installed it my explorer.exe loop crushing (for a moment, like 1 hour i was very scared about losing all my PC

Version 1.8 (beta version): This version crush after 30 sec after i start it, no matter what i do or touch.

Im a bit stuck at the time. I have no more ideas and will be happy if anyone would like to help me!

For info PC  is an Asus Laptop: I7, 8gb of RAM, 1tb of Hdd and Geforce GT540M Video card.

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