Misplaced layers when slicing

TT3D 2019-3-9 1757

I am consistanly getting issues when slicing files at specific layers.  For example, on my latest project layer 7, layer 51, and layer 55 are not correctly sliced. The bad layers appear to be misplaced layers from higher layers, but I can't figure out what is causing this.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, but the issue persists.

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  • Guest 2019-5-15
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    Did you ever figure this out? I have a similar problem, all layers from #1 to were the 1st layer of the part starts are missing in the image files including the base or raft? I should clarify that the slicing looks fine in the 3D view as well as the slice cross-section view within the software. BUT when I bring it into the printer queue those layers are not visible in the web dialog interface or on the printer's display. 

  • CHITUBOX 2019-5-17
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    DId you use V1.4  version ? could you send stl and slicing file to support@chitubox.com? let we check
  • Guest 2019-8-19
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    I got the same issue, the slices are mixed a bit.

    Also i have the feeling that something is wrong with the whole slicing, when i slice the same stl, in Formware 3d i got way better resolution of the pngs.     
    Iam slicing a hiresolution mold for a sphere, at 0,01mm layerheight at chitubox the first layer have  ca 20px diamater of lighton pixels  on Formware3d the first png starts with 2x2 pixels. Also i can only move the object by 0.01 would be nice to be able to move it by 0.001 in chitubox . I have the feeling that the resolution as a whole is to low on chitubox?

    After exporting some more negativ spheres  and slicing them in chitubox , i have the feeling that there is somehow a problem, the slices are mixed at the start of the the sphere.

    I added a screenrecord. In this view all looks fine, but the pngs dont start as small as they should. hopefull you understand what i mean.

    Hopefully this can be fixed as i dont want to pay for formware also , the anti-aliasing for the elegoo mars and photon dont work with Formware3d.
    Iam using chitubox 1.5

  • jetomawolf 2020-7-18
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    Hi, seems I have the same Issue. How you repair this?