[1.8.1] Bug with tip of support not updating when reverting to default

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The "reset" button on the support settings don't change the value on the dropdown (none vs sphere in the  tip section for example), but it changes the behaviour, so it doesn't udpate the GUI.

Let's say I have the value "sphere" set. I click "reset". The dropdown still shows "sphere", but the support will not use the sphere, so it uses a "none" setting.

To use the sphere setting I have to change the option twice: first to "none", then to "sphere".

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  • cbd 14 Days+
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    It is not possible to reset it if it is under the edit support screen
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    cbd It is not possible to reset it if it is under the edit support screen
    The behaviour resets. the graphics doesn't update. It says a different option than it works. It's unconsistant and wrong.
  • cbd 10 Days+
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    Yes, it's a bug.