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Per Bekker-Madsen 2019-3-18 1551

Hi guys,

ChiTuBox does not recognise all stl files.

I am creating my stuff in Fusion360 and export the as stl files afterwards.

Until today there has been no problem, but the latest stl files won't be recognized bt ChiToBox, but all other programs which can handle stl files have no problems reading and working with them. Even the original Anycubic 64 slicer recognises and works with them.

Any one else have this problem and eventually a solution?

(I have uninstalled Chitubox and reinstalled it (after reboot)) still the same problem)

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  • Zach 2019-4-1
    Quote 2Floor
    I have the same issue. It is exclusive to one PC. The program works as it should on a different PC. 

    Specs of the PC it does NOT work on:
    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
    Intel 6700K
    16gb RAM
    NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti

    Specs of the PC it DOES work on:
    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
    Intel 6700HQ
    16gb RAM
    NVIDIA GTX 1070