Longer 30 and chitubox - error with conversion

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I dont know what happends - i slice in chitubox with longer plugin from year, and yesterday i start get crashes. Slice goes ok, system start write and when it came to format conversion i got error 1 and file is not saved. 

what i did since errors and it didnt help:

- deleted log

- restrore factory settings

- fresh instal of chitubox and plugin

- tryied on older versions - same error

i also use chitbubox fo anycubic and kelant and all works fine, file hollowed and supported saved at stl format and sliced in longer slicer prints good but i want chitubox for this.

I work on computer with windows 10 64 

Please help

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  • cbd 8 Months+
    Quote 2Floor
    Please delete all files in the log path and make sure the plugin is correct.
    If it is wrong, please send an email to support@chitubox.com