Allow holes on non hollow objects that don't get through

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 I like to magnetize my models, particularly bases, and for that, digging a hole on the model before printing beats having to drill it later. Unfortunately, Chitubox won't allow me to do that, claiming that my model is not hollow (that's intentional!) and that it's not going through it. Please allow digging small cylinders on objects that don't need to get through, just a small pit to place a magnet afterwards. Also, when placing the hole, chitubox tries to place it on my supports (when getting presupported files), which doesn't make sense at all, so hole placement should definitely ignore supports as candidate objects.



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  • cbd 6 Days+
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    Please check that the depth of the hole is greater than the wall thickness
  • Cliff Knight 3 Days+
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    I believe the OP would like to be able to "dig" pockets (blind-sided holes). I too would find this a useful upgrade.