Trying to Print flat buit model keeps lifting. Z height set to 0mm

2021-2-28 367

I am trying to print flat on the bed and have my supports Z height set to 0mm but when I go to supports, it lifts my model very slightly, even before i apply any supports. Any idea how to fix this?

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  • Cliff Knight 2021-3-1
    Quote 2Floor

    Is it actually lifted in the .ctb file, or does it just "appear" lifted in the support edit window?

    I just recently printed a model of a tow bar for my UTV, "flat face on the platen, to be made from 2" x 2' x 1/4" angle iron, It appeared slightly raised in the support edit display--but was not actually raised in the .ctb output file:

    CB  v.8.1. basic edit window (flat on platen): 

    CB v1.8.1 support edit window ("Z-lift Height" @ 0.0 mm but displayed as slightly elevated with support nubs):

    CB v1.8.1 after slicing display, layer 1 (flat on platen):

    It printed fine, flat on the platen.

    What version of CB are you using? what operating system? (I'm running Linux mint 20.1)...