Crashes on large files

2021-3-7 516

I have been trying to slice some lithophanes, which are quite high res. 

Some times these slice and some times they dont. I attach one here that is avalibale free on thingverse

I know they are big files but it generaly crashes on adding supports. I know ita a large file but I am working on a CAD machine so plenty of resorces. Its a pity we are not able to slice these :( 

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  • cbd 2021-3-8
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    What printing parameters are you using? Is there an open tolerance compensation function? Whether the crash occurred during slicing.
  • Guest 2021-3-16
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    The same has happened to me with large files.....
  • 2021-3-17
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    Hi, This was my question, i am not sure what you are asking here, jsut the default setting for my resin with 0.05 layer hight and 2.5 seconds curing time. 

    This happens when slicing, it general prcesses through sliceing and then while either freeze or simple crash completly. 

    I havent looked at the tollerence functions do you have documentation on this. 
  • cbd 2021-3-18
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    Please delete the global.cfg file in the log path after the crash and try again.