layers not printing

Hi to all in 3d world

   have had problems with the latest download 1.7 I think it is ,of the Chitubox I cannot print all the model. yeterday a  print of 595 layers high only had the last 120 layers printed ,  the day before I had a print not start printing till  it got to layer 105. models came out looking as if they had melted into the build plate ..  have now had a file print perfect on the same Epax printer all good, because it was sliced through a friends version of Chitubox 1.6

  nothing but problem since december when I updated to the 1.7 Chitubox 

  Hopefully a few photos 


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  • cbd 2021-3-8
    Quote 2Floor
    Is it possible to send project files and slice files to for testing. Thank you.