After an update I had to reinstall the program and now it keeps on asking me for a

2021-3-17 534

After I updated windows (basically it meant completely reinstalling windows) I had to reinstall chitubox. Now it keeps on asking me for authorazation but nothing happens and it won't save the sliced file. I also tried to login with my email address and password, but I can't login
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  • cbd 2021-3-18
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    Please open the log path, close chitubox, and delete all files in the log path.
    This can solve your problem.
    Please do not authorize after reopening, the software does not need to be authorized.
  • cbd 2021-3-18
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  • 2021-3-18
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    Thanks, I will do that tonight. Will let you know
  • 2021-3-18
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    Thanks a million, that worked like a charm.
  • Guest 2021-3-20
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    I am having the same issue and thus us not working for me.