"Cann't Write File" message when I SLICE !

Guest 8 Months+ 470

Since two days everytime I want to save a Slice, a "Cann't write file" appear at the bottom left of screen.

Chitubox 1.8.1, but same happen with 1.8 or 1.7

I have uninstall everything, uploaded 1.8.1 again, still same error.

What should I do ?

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  • Li Geng 8 Months+
    Quote 2Floor

    Hi, thank you for your feedback.

    Currently, I haven't seen this problem before in my machine (my Chitubox version is 1.8.1), please upload the log file for us to locating the bug asap.

    Before the reason was found, you can try to reset Chitubox to factory setting by clicking Menu -> Help -> Factory Setting

    And if it doesn't solve the problem, try to delete all files and folders under the Chitubox log path.

    The log path is 


    The folder can also be opened by clicking Menu -> Help -> Open Log Path