Screen Flicker 1.8.1

2021-3-21 1170

I have windows 10. 

When I install version 1.8.1 the program flickers at about 25Hz (crude estimate) and is unuseable. See video file attached

Other programs on the PC are unaffected.

I have tried the regsvr32 /u......... process as described on your installation video and also on YouTube and tried uninstalling / reinstalling three times without sucesss.

All my display drivers are up to date and I have selected high performance for this program.

Can you please advise how to fix this problem.

Thank you fo your attention to this matter

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  • cbd 2021-3-26
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    Please open the graphics card compatibility mode in the drop-down list settings screen.
  • cbd 2021-3-26
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  • cbd 2021-3-26
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