Obtion to replace model, but keep rotation, position, scale etc. and supports

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I design the models I print myself. So there might be minimal changes in the models geometry between two prints - like a rivet moved by a tenth of a mm.

Right now I will have to redo all layout steps and generate the supports again, just because of this minimal change.

It would be handy to replace the geometry - e.e. right click on the filename and select a different file in the file list - with the geometry in a different file.

That means for replacement the geometry has to be placed relative to the origin (0, 0, 0) of the respective files and not the center of the acutal geometry. 



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    I once wrote the same proposal for this function to your Facebook account. That would be the best feature.
    I have the same problem. Due to a small change on the 3D model I have to do all the supports again.

    Or does anyone know any other slicer that allows you to change models without losing position and supports?
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    I, too, would like to see this Replace part feature added. Both FormWare and Formlabs slicers offer it and it is a major time saver.
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    I recognize your apprehension. A little change in the model geometry might result in the need to repeat all of the layout phases and produce supports mapquest driving directions, which can be rather annoying.