Inner parts of the model do not print when 'Tolerance compensation" is enabled

Guest 2021-4-6 657

I'm printing the attached model. When the option "Tolerance compensation" is enabled, slicer doesn't render inner block of the model (see attached pictures). Analyzer doesn't find any islands.

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  • Guest 2021-6-25
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    I just want to confirm that this problem persists. The feature is fantastic otherwise. I get better tolerances now than from commercial prints. But for my type of models I can rarely take advantage of the feature in its current implementation. Any idea when this will be fixed? 
  • Guest 2021-6-25
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    By the way, there may be a (labour intensive) work around: I connected the outer features with the inner features with a super thin wall, thin enough so that Chitubox will completely remove it when applying compensation. But the inner pieces remain!