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I have some files that chitubox is adding planes to that are not in my original file (.stl).  They are parallel to the build plate surface and will remain parallel to the build plate surface even when I place the file at different angles.  They seem fairly random.  Almost like broken pieces of glass bridging across the intented geometry.  What can I do to eliminate these planes?

Thank You.

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    I'm having this exact symptom.  I have an STL file which, when sliced vertically (my preferred method of printing) I get a single layer of print joining two parts of the geometry about halfway up the model.  This plane of unexpected print remains parallel to the bed and doesn't appear in every version of the STL, but for a given STL file it appears consistently even if I change print settings, including anti-aliasing, slicing settings etc.

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    I´m having the same problem, a plane parallel to the build plate that is not in the STL.