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user 2019-5-4 2053

Add please profile for flyingbear shine, please.

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  • caseiro 2019-5-27
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    hello, i'm interested for the flyingbear shine profile too.

  • Guest 2019-6-21
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    Wish we had a response but I guess Chitubox is going to keep ignoring this...
  • Illusionart 2019-7-18
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    Hello,  I'm also interested for the flyingbear shine profile too.
  • 2019-11-13
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    Hello, also interested. Willing to code a postprocesing script if can get some help.
  • Guest 2020-1-25
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    Hello, I'm also interrested. Already tried the CWS plugin but the printing result was awfully flat ... I suppose there shouldn't be much to do ?
  • CHITUBOX 2020-2-8
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    Guest Hello, I'm also interrested. Already tried the CWS plugin but the printing result was awfully flat . ...
    Hello, which CWS plugin do you use, 8-bit and 32-bit, have you tested it?
  • Guest 2020-5-23
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    Hello! I've tried the 32 bit version but it seems that the layer height is 0.1mm even setted at 0.05mm. Any update?
  • cbd 2020-5-25
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    Can you provide pictures
  • 2020-6-23
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    Also interested on this profile and willing to help making it if necessary. Thanks!
  • Illusionart 11 Months+
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    ciao! qualcuno ha novità?