convertion error 1073741701/1073741515 when trying to save a file after slicing

Hi, when I have sliced a file and press save (as PMWO) i get a conversion error 1073741701 or 1073741515...

So I cant save the file for my printer... How do I solve this??
(Im on windows)

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  • Hunter Kern 6 Months+
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    I have the exact same issue.
  • wangjingjing 6 Months+
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    Sorry for the error.
    Error code: -1073741701 means you're missing some required .dll files. 
    Please follow the 4th floor of this post to fix this problem.
  • wangjingjing 6 Months+
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    Error code: - 1073741515

    This issue might occur due to some corrupted system files or damaged operating system files.

    Error code: -1073741515 means your system is missing .dll files from the MSVC library that are required by CHIUTBOX 1.8.1. The simplest way to fix this is to download and install Visual Studio Community version, then install all libraries from it.

    Attachment 1.

    Visual Studio Installer should lead you to the install page at the first launch. 

    If you already had Visual Studio Installer installed, click Modify will also lead you to the install page.

    Attachment 2.

    Install MSVC v142 should work.

    If it doesn't solve the problem, please also install MSVC v141 and MSVC v140.

    Attachment 3.

    If even those steps cannot solve the problem, you probably want to repair your system.

  • 6 Months+
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    fixed my problem  thx for the info