Creating/installing a new printer profile

2021-4-25 1324

HI there, I have a Mingda K3 printer, which appears to prefer .ctb files (it hasn't sucessfully printed any other file types). However my version of Chitubox doesn't allow me to save as ctb.
I've seen threads that suggest that ctb is available when the correct printer is selected in Settings, but my printer doesnt appear in the drop-down list.
I do have a file MINGDA_K3_profile.cfg that was supplied with the printer, and I've copied that to the chitubox resource\machine folder, and Imported it on the settings menu. However the printer still doesn't appear in the list of printers, and I still don't get the option to save as a ctb file.
I'm using Chitubox 64 1.8.1

Am i missing something obvious here?

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    Please put  MINGDA_K3_profile.cfg in Help>Open log path>Machine. This may solve the problem