Chitubox sliced diplay different than saved file

Jimmie Pottberg 2021-5-25 1394

I was having some difficutly printing some fairly complex models and noticed than when I completed slicing and carefully inspecrted the resulting did not match the saved file. This was verified by opening that saved file and I notice that the model had been "modified". It would appear that once you hit "save" that Chitubox automatically does a "repair" on the model before writinig out the file.

I understand the issues that can arrise from "corrupt" models, but why does Chiubox automatically run "repair" with no notification? I would like to be able to diable that feature, but can not find out how to. Very deceiving to review the sliced output only to be suprised that the resulting output file can be very different.

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  • wangjingjing 2021-5-27
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    Hi.Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The issue could be a corrupted file, causing Chitubox to automatically fix it. Because of the defective model, only the skin can not be printed. I have two comparisons here that you can take a look. As for the auto-repair popover, we will fix it in the next vision. By the way, would you mind providing your files or recording a video explaining the problem you encountered?

  • Jimmie Pottberg 2021-5-30
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    The file is not corrupt, Chitubox just does not like something is the file. I appreciate the fact that you are willing to add an auto-repair popover, but the sliced output display should also be updated. Why would it satisfactorily slice the model and show a good output display only to write something completely different to the file?
  • Guest 2021-5-31
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    Please tell us your software version, hardware information, operating system version and send us the STL file. We will try to reproduce and fix the problem in the same environment.
  • Jimmie Pottberg 2021-5-31
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    My SW version is V1.8.1, I'm running a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s) with 16B RAM on a Windows 10 64 bit OS.

    I have a problem with the type of response above. You made no attempt to recreate the problem. If you simply take the file provided above (a.stl), slice it and look at the resulting display you will notice that it is different than the display generated by reading in the resulting file that was written out.

    There is nothing unique about the file I am using. Chitubox is obviously flawed and needs to be fixed. Again, it is very misleading to show the results of the slice only to perform additional processing on the file before it is written. It is not difficult to reproduce the problem.
  • 2021-6-1
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    Jimmie Pottberg My SW version is V1.8.1, I'm running a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s) ...

    Hi Jimmie, I'm not sure if this is what you mean, please correct me if I got you wrong. 

    For example, here is a cube with a corner been cut off, 

    If you slice it and save it, the crevasse will be fixed for sure, because we can't slice an object that doesn't even have a thickness on the surface, it's empty inside literally. So CHITUBOX will simply treat it as if it is a solid cube, like this:

    If you attempt to keep the hole, say you want a hollowed cube but also keep the crevasse, you can edit the model to what you want before importing it to CHITUBOX, like this (this is edited by Blender):

    If you import this to CHITUBOX and slice it, you will have the crevasse kept:

    Again, I'm not sure if this is what you mean, hopefully this is helpful. However, if it doesn't, I suggest you record a video and explain your demand, send it to
    Our staff will help you.
    Thank you!

  • Jimmie Pottberg 2021-6-2
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    Not exactly.

    wangjingjing above provided a file (a.stl) that provides the exact result I see with more complex files. It is easier to see what is going on in a.stl.

     Above is the input file a.stl

    After slicing, I get the exact same display in the side by side wiindows. 

    To me, that shows Chitubox is slicing the model with the "hole" on the top. Once I hit save, the file is written out. I am expecting to get an output model with a "hole" in the top.....exactly what is displayed....but that is not what happens.

    When I input the a.ctb file I get the follwoing display.

    Notice, the model has been automatically "repaired" and is very different than what is displayed in the side by side presentation after slicing is complete.

    While I'm new to resin printing, I'm approaching 5000 hours printing complex models with filament printers. Both slicers that I use in filament printing as well as my CAD software sometimes flag a file that their algorithims determine needs to be "fixed". With every piece of software I have used to date (excluding Chitubox) I am prompted that a "problem" has been detected followed by a prompt offering to "fix" the model, BUT I HAVE THE CHOICE TO DECLINE THE AUTOMATIC FIX. Sometimes that software is correct and there is a flaw that needs to be repaired, but sometimes the auotmatic repair is not needed and the model is corrupted by the automatic fix.

    Bottom line, Chitubox should never "automatically" fix a model....the user should always be prompted and allowed to refuse the automatice fix. If I refuse the automatic fix and the results are not good, that is my fault. When Chitubox automatically fixes a model that is not corrupted (something in the model doesn't agree with the algorithm) and changes the model, I have no control over the process and this has happened!

    Many ways to implement a fix. The preferred option would be to prompt each time before the automatice fix is appled (giving the user the option to decline), have a setting in one of the menus that disables automatic repair, completly disabling automatic repair with only the manual option that is currently available, etc.

    Thanks for listening.

  • 2021-6-2
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    Thanks for your suggestion and explanation.

    There're two issues you pointed out:

    1. CHITUBOX should remind users before repairing the model. We'll add a prompt to users before repairing the model in future releases.

    2. The picture shows a box with a hole, technically it's an illegal model, if you put the model to other 3D software, for example, Blender, and turn on the normal display mode, you'll see the color is red inside the hole.

    This is because the surface of the cube doesn't have a thickness, another word, although you can see the cube visually, mathematically, this object doesn't even have volume in space, the thickness of it is 0, the volume of it is also 0, it's impossible to print an object without volume. In order to print it, CHITUBOX fixed the hole, gave it volume, so it can be printed (We are aware of a prompt is needed before repairing, we will add the prompt window in future versions). If you need to print a hollowed cube and also keep the hold, you'll need to model it in 3D modeling software before importing it to CHITUBOX. To make sure it is a legal model, check the cube under normal display mode in Blender, you shouldn't see red faces.

  • Jimmie Pottberg 2021-6-3
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    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    I agree, the example I provided is an illegal model and should be corrected. But there are situations where the algorithm detects a "corrupt" model, but the model is not corrupt and repairing it causes problems. That is the situation I am trying to avoid.