Conversion failed!Error code:6

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Hi There,

I'm using chitubox on my Mac to slice for my photon mono, and get this error message every time I try to save a sliced file (pwmo): Conversion failed!Error code:6

I've seen a few similar issues on this forum, so followed the suggested fixes, but that failed to solve the situation for me...

- I used the default settings for the Anycubic photon mono, as 

- I've installed the Java SE Runtime Environment

- I've also installed Xcode, as suggested in one of the thread on the forums.

I run chitubox 1.8.1 Free on Big Sur 11.4

Anybody has encountered the same issue / has any insight in how to fix?

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    Hi,  really sorry for the time you've been spent on verifying the issue, I know it took a while to be there and the result is so frustrating. We've confirmed that this is a bug, all Anycubic printers are supported as plugin-form in CHITUBOX, where you can find the plugin under Menu > Help > Plugins. Plugins are all developed by printer manufacturers or other third parties, we updated the Qt version since 1.8.0, however, the Anycubic plugin didn't, that's where the conflict happens.
    We'll start to handle this issue soon (maybe next week), however, technically this is a plugin issue, we'll have to negotiate with Anycubic if we wanna solve it, so it might take a little longer than expected.
    We sincerely apologize again for the time you spent and the "error code 6" issue, we'll let you know if there is any progress.
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    Ah ok - thanks for replying.
    At least I can stop looking for a fix :)