ChituBox Pro should allow more than one PC.

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For me the fact i can only use Chitubox pro on a single computer is a real deal breaker. I have 2 personal laptosp and one work device all of whcih I use for 3D modeling depenging where i am when i want to set up a project. 

It would be mch better if the Pro licence was limited to number of projects active or concurrent users. For example you can only be using it on one device at a time, logging in to a second device automatical logs out the otehr device or open a project on one device closes the project on any other device. 

I understand and its fair that one licence should only allow one instance of the product to be run at any one time, but with lots of people having mutiply personal deivces having to removethe licence from each device and move it to a new one each time is vey outdated. 

It should just give a messsage something like "you are currently logged in on device xxxxx , if you click continue you will be logged out of that device and logged in here". Then purchasing a second licence simply allows you to be logged in to mutiplydevice at the same time, 

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  • Hofmanns Modellbau 11 Months+
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    a subscription doesn't work at all. Buying would be good for me. Unlock every year ...... for me no thanks.
  • Guest 11 Months+
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    Thank you for your attention and support of our software. We have received your comments, we have started to evaluate the feasibility, if feasible, will be updated in subsequent versions. You can follow our official announcements and version updates.
  • Steffie 11 Months+
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    Absolutely agree should be a subscription based on #  of user licenses and not limited to one device. The current limitation is a HUGE deterrent, specifically because I have 2 main locations for work and need access to the software on at minimum 2 devices when I'm at different locations. Not to mention the flexibility of working at a desktop vs a portable laptop when a person is sick of sitting at a desk all day :) I'd definitely be a happier customer and more of an advocate.

  • Guest 5 Months+
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    Purchased a Elegoo Mars pro, wasn't aware that it was tied to Chitubox (first resin printer) using propriety code. Strike one. Popped into shed to do a print and installed Chitubox on my garage PC (all the other software I use allows 2 PC's [not concurrently]) to find that Chitubox is not only propriety but wants me to revoke the license on my other PC so I can use it on the shed PC!

    Are these people serious? Moving forward, no more Chitubox based 3D printers and no Chitubox slicer.  They will eventually learn, but by then, I hope it will be too late. 
  • Cliff Knight 5 Months+
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    I have settled in on the v 1.7.0 "Basic" version as i have found it to the most reliable and bug-free of all CB versions--as to CB Pro, I do not do subscription software, never have, never will...

    Years ago someone asked in a "letter to the editor" in Byte, PC Mag, or one of the others "What version of 'X' (application or o/s, I don't remember) is best?"

    The editors' response was great; "It depends on what combination of 'features and bugs' you wish to live with."

    That sums up my opinion of CB versions beyond 1.7.0...