.STL not loading, only shadow is visible.

Eugene 2 Months+ 261

I've downloaded v1.4 and it seems to only load the shadow without the stl file. I don't have an nvidia card, i only have Intel integrated graphics. Is there anything I could do?

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  • Guest 2 Months+
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    hi, on windows 10, I have stl files open by default with meshmixer, however i would like to be able right click and select chitubox with the open with command but chitubox is missing from the list.
    Developers see this for fix:
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    hi, on windows 10, I have stl files open by default with meshmixer, 
    however i would like to be able right click and select chitubox 
    with the open with command but chitubox is missing from the list.
    Developers see this for fix:
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    I have v1.4, was working perfectly fine, then crashed and now I have this issue with the shadow only display. Windows 10, intel integrated graphics
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    My computer had this issue as well. It set the default graphics processor wrong. You can right click the icon and try to use your high performance processor if you have one.

  • Mark Burhop 11 Days+
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    Solved for Intel Graphics

    My son came by and did the "update driver" in Windows 10 Intel graphics.  This updated it to the 2/28/2018 driver version (version and, magically,  I started getting geometry.  

    Long story....

    Note, however, this was the first thing I tried and Windows 10 kept reporting back that I had the latest version so I don't know how this worked for him. I tried going to the Intel site to get the latest drivers and that kept reporting about it not being supported on my machine (despite having the right motherboard and graphics) and said to get the drivers from my vendor.  So, I went to the HP site and looked up updates.  There were 3 different Intel drivers and one AMD.  None of the Intel versions worked.  At this point I assumed ChiTUBox didn't support my card.

    THen my son showed up, did the standard update driver, and it suddenly worked. I wish I could report back how to update the graphics but I can say for the Intel 620 graphics and likely a few others a driver update can fix the problem.

  • ChiTuBox 9 Days+
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    Thank you for your feedback. Generally, this phenomenon is due to the lack of compatibility of integrated graphics cards. We find two ways to solve this problem.
    1.Select the integrated graphics card in Device Manager and right-click to update.
    2.Download the driver from the official website and update it manually