support generation is really bad, and some suggestions for imporvement

siso 2019-5-10 1537

ok, it's probbably not just me, but i find the support generation severely lacking. i print mainly on the photon these days, but the issues dont seem to be bound to the printer. if i have misunderstood some setting and these can be solved i am open to suggestions and am happy to take advice. im not asking for some auto orient feature or whatnot, but some of the generation seems lacking.

islands, places that are "appearing" as you print.

i dont see how detecting islands can be so hard, it's pretty basic that at least every island should be supported, at least with a light little tree trunk.

this is something at least the form2 manages perfectly, so it's doable.


 edges seem to be really tough to support, as it's not a point, but a line that needs to be "created". it's not always possible to avoid these, but here i come with a sollution:

along an edge deemed steep enough to require support, create a large ammount of dots as standofs, but very small, and connect them to a comb like structure that is generated along the edge, this can then be supported traditionally. this should break off allright asa well as provide plenty of support along the way

intersecting supports

sometimes the support generated intersects with the model, or runs close enough to be fused to the model. this should never happen, and the trees should try to deflect to keep a minimum distance to the model. so far this has been the culprit of most of my failures along with missing islands.

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  • 2020-1-16
    Quote 2Floor
    "sometimes the support generated intersects with the model, or runs close enough to be fused to the model. this should never happen, and the trees should try to deflect to keep a minimum distance to the model. so far this has been the culprit of most of my failures along with missing islands."

    I have a problem too. Can I adjust the distance from the model? Not one by one, automatically.
  • Guest 2020-3-21
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    I actually have a suggestion for fixing this, as I'm assuming that the auto-supports are having trouble locating the islands to begin with. So - don't reinvent the wheel - instead, I'd suggest the Chitubox team look at integrating some of the work that's already been done by the photonsters team on their Photon File Validator tool over on github: