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I tride to use Pro version trile From June 10 and have to reinstall many times, it's did not work with Phrozen transform printer.

all functions on window is missing. and on trile version (7 days) i did use only 4 days and it's stop loading.

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  • wangjingjing 5 Months+
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    Hi, It is recommended that you update the printer firmware. If it is a .ctb file cut out by Chitubox Pro, the printer needs to update the firmware to read and print. Phrozen Official plans to launch the new firmware in this week, please be patient. You can download the new firmware from the Phrozen official website at that time. BTW, would you mind sending me your System ID, please? We will check the reason why it can't be used for less than 7 days. Thank you! 

  • wangjingjing 5 Months+
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    Hi, would you mind sending me your System ID and registered email address, please? We will provide you with a new 7-day trial of license. Have a nice day :)
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    Thank you, i got the new license.
    And one more question: i did ordered sonic mega 8k printer, it will come with a Chitubox pro.?
  • wangjingjing 5 Months+
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    Thank you, i got the new license. And one more question: i did ordered sonic mega 8k printer, it wi ...
    “ i did ordered sonic mega 8k printer, it will come with a Chitubox pro.?”

    The specific activities are subject to the manufacturer's side.
  • Dustin Kelley 5 Months+
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    Why is pro not backwards compatible?