Pieces warping looking for advice


This is my first post here. I'm using Chitubox 1.7.0 (the latest supported by my linux distro QT version). My printer is a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K, the resin is the Phrozen ABS-Like matte grey. I attached a snapshot with my Chitubox settings. I'm trying to print really small pieces. The small pieces should have a flat surface but it looks deformed, kind of domed and uneven, I attached a few pictures.

What parameter should I adjust? Exposure time? Light off delay? Lifting speed? Or what else?

Thank you very much in advance.

Luis Pablo

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  • S D 2021-6-20
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    You need to anchor the edges of your part better to the build plate. As your part faces the constant force of  separation between the build plate and the film, you are creating a suction pull around the edges that is greater than the resin can take and it is warping the part.

    I would suggest you only print one part as a test. The other parts on the build are exponentially increasing the force of the suction. Manually place 4-6 heavy supports on the outer edges of the part you're printing. It's just a test, and may be throw-away, but it will show you if that resolves the issues.

    additionally, you can print that part directly on the build plate with no supports, but you have to adjust your tolerances to accommodate for the 'elephant foot' that you will experience around the base of the build plate. You can do that in the advanced settings. 
  • Cameron Thompson 1 Months+
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    Same here, Luis.
    This was a constant problem using ABS on my old traditional 3D machine. I had hoped it would cease to be a problem using resin, but at least not initially. I am using an Elgoo Jupiter. Right now I am increasing the number of heavy supports and looking to embed them more strongly in the part (although at some sacrifice in surface smoothness) Any advice will be most welcome.