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Daniel Bader 2021-6-18 4371

My Elegoo Mars 2 pro won't use the cbddlp file format. However chitubox saves them as such. Is it possible to get chitubox to save the stl files as a ctb file?

I've only printed the rooks that came with the printer so far and have very limited knowlege of 3d printing.

Trying to learn as much as possible but hasn't been very fast at doing so.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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  • Guest 2021-6-20
    Quote 2Floor

    In your model overview on the right side of the window you got a button settings. (Pic 1)
    If you click on it, the window for all the print settings will open.
    In this Print-Settings window on the left side you can add a new printer.(Pic 2)
    Select your device and it will add a new Print-Setting entry beneath "Default" for your device. (Pic 3)
    Create a settings profile for your device and leave the window with the new profile stilll shown. (Pic 4)
    Slice your model again and click save afterwards. (Pic 5)
    You will now save your files as the datatyp you need for your device. (Pic 6)

    Here ctb for Elegoo Mars 2 Pro (Pic 7)

    Hope I could help you.

    With kind regards,