Chitubox Pro is NOT ready and NOT worth $165

S D 2021-6-20 1357

I have been using the free version of Chitubox for almost a year now. I have found it to be easy to use and quite robust. Chitubox Pro, however, has been tedious and frustrating. It is buggy, has numerous features that fail to perform, and constantly crashes. 

I am 6 days in to the FREE trial and I can honestly say that there is NO way I'm buying this software until Chitubox fixes these issues. I usually have something on the printer every day. It has been 6 days since I have done any printing because I can never get through support creation without it crashing. Half of the functions I have to do through the free version and them import them here. That's quite ridiculous. 

I see that this software has been in development for 3+ years, and still seems VERY far from complete. There are other options out there. I suggest that Chitubox moves this back to beta and gives users a REASONABLE price to pay for buggy and unfinished software. $165 is too much to ask for software that clearly is not functional. 

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  • S D 2021-6-20
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    Furthermore, after spending 8 hours to prep a print file today, switching back and forth between the free and pro version (the free version can do things that causes the pro version to crash), I just finished the file save and the printer doesn't recognize the file type.

    This software is a mess. 
  • S D 2021-6-21
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    Further update... I have uploaded all firmware updates as per instructed... and I have run the test cbd file as instructed. The firmware was already updated. The file is still not recognized by my epax x156 printer. 
  • Dustin Kelley 2021-6-22
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    it has some problems and this is after one day of use.
  • Dustin Kelley 2021-6-22
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    the crashes are physically painful, but it is only version 1.0.1
  • S D 2021-8-17
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    but they're still charging $169 for software that still doesn't work. And their support is non-existent. if they were smart, they'd be on these blogs doing damage control. But they're not even paying any attention to all the bad press they are getting. 
  • Eric Daye 2022-6-15
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    complete waste of money!! I am livid that this software works so horribly on my Macbook (OS Catalina). this software is horrid fro the price they charged for it. they need to fire their software developer.
  • Guest 2022-6-21
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    So agree, shuts every thing down, will not support the Elfin2 and not a peep from support when asked
  • Nathan Powell 7 Months+
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    This software as of 4/25/2023 is a buggy crashy mess.  Resizing the window causes it to crash.  This is a literal nightmare that I'm basically locked into this software.
  • 29 Days+
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    I recommend reaching out to Chitubox's customer support, access smash karts, or submitting a bug report outlining the specific issues you've faced, such as the software crashing, features not performing as expected, and the overall lack of functionality. Including specific details and examples can help the development team identify and address the problems more effectively.