Chitu Pro, free trial issues

Guest 2021-6-27 598

I am trying to access the free trial but the option is not there after I log in to my account in the app.

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  • MBV 2021-6-28
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    want to try chitu pro version  .  what should we do Sir?
  • wangjingjing 2021-6-29
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    Would you mind sending your System ID to, please?
    If we verify your information, we will give you a 7-day trial license. 
  • Guest 2021-7-24
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    wangjingjing Hi, Would you mind sending your System ID to, please? If we verify your info ...
    I did that nearly a week ago, I'm still waiting for a reply.
  • Cliff Knight 2021-7-29
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    I do not do "subscription" software($169/yr. is absurd)--so I'll never use or care about CHITUBOX Pro...
  • Guest 2021-8-9
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    I will pay for a subscription if it's worth it.  I read somewhere that Chitu Pro might be able to help fix an issue I was having with a model I'm converting to printable format so I wanted to try the Trial version to see if it worked.  If it worked I would've happily paid but I'm still waiting for a response and have since fixed my issue using another software, so Chitubox can suck my fat one and go without my money thanks to their lousy response and pretty much useless customer support.