Chitubox causing other aplications to crash - Its the culperit, sort it out!

Richard 5 Months+ 385

So people are having all sort of issue with other software aplications crashing, when stl files are accessed/saved via the file browser.

Specifically, Cura crashes when you hit the load stl button, the button that opens a browser window, so you can navigate to the required file to import it.

Fusion360 also had some crashing issues. Whenever you saved a stl file, the browser window would open so you could select a location to save the file, but Fusion360 would just crash. -this has since been resolved I believe thanks to Fusion devs for updating with a fix.

I wanted to mention this because the only thing that seems to work is uninstalling Chitubox! Can you guys please investigate what is going on here because Chitubox seems to be the culperit for all these other aplication issues. I figured it could potentially be something to do with the thumbnail viewer you have used, but disabeling the thumbnail viewer appears to make no difference at all, and thumbnail images are still displayed anyway.

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  • Richard 5 Months+
    Quote 2Floor
    "Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.15.1) with this library (5.15.2)"

    @chutubox, can you investigate updating your stl thumbnail tool to QT5.15.2? Will this solve the problems everyone is having?
  • Matthew T Eagleson 3 Months+
    Quote 3Floor
    I am having the same issue with 1.9 and the thumbnail viewer crashing Cura 4.10

    Cura has stated that it is not on their end of software that is causing the crashes. Please find a fix. I have to have both programs to operate two different style printers!