After starting the program screen turns off every 5 to 10 seconds

Guest 2021-7-8 372

Had an older version running before without any issues. I bought a Elegoo Saturn three days ago, thats why I updated to 1.8.1. Also 1.8.1 runs fine on my MacBook Pro (2015).

When I start the Chitubox program, it is visually there, but not useable. Highlights are delayed about 5 seconds and reactions like opening a submenu also behaves the same. The submenu itself reacts normal. Also the windows behind can be reached, but a bit of delay minimizing the Chitubox program.

The screen turns off and on every 5 to 10 seconds, when the program is in the foreground and no submenu is opened. Then the monitor is alternating between my darker settings and the winows eye protection and normal mode.

I use an AMD system (Threadripper X1900 + Vega64) and a Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN (freeSync2, display port 1.2+). When games are forcing VSync, I got the same behavior.

Windows and all the drivers are up to date. Everything else runs fine.

Does anybody knows, how to get some debugging information out of the system or the program?

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