Chitbox Pro ouput CTB files cannot be read

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Just purchased a pro license, and any ctb files I spit out, my elegoo saturn cannot read them. I updated the saturn to the latest firmware and still no luck. 

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  • John Wenman 4 Months+
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    version 1.9 for basic also put out .ctb files my ld-002h refused to read, downgraded to v1.8.1 and it's working again
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    have you checked what verison of firmware the Printer is running (what is displays in settings) and what version Chitubox says it needs to be running? 

    and make sure it is showing the correck version
  • wangjingjing 4 Months+
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    John Wenman version 1.9 for basic also put out .ctb files my ld-002h refused to read, downgraded to v1.8.1 and i ...
    Hi John, if you get "Unknown File format" error message with file from CHITUBOX Basic V1.9.0 , please check if you have update the latest firmware.
    Check the new firmware here:
    The printer needs to upgrade the firmware to read the CTB files sliced by CHITUBOX Basic v1.9.0 and CHITUBOX Pro.